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When prehistoric man created the first tools more than three million years ago, technology was born. As mankind advanced in knowledge and skill, technology progressed too. Some of the innovations that changed life for all included the development of electricity, steam locomotion, and the telephone. In the last century, radio and television were introduced along with computers. More recent evidence of technological evolution has included personal computers, the internet, and smartphones. Technological trends continue increasing. 

Edge Computing

Storing data online was made possible through the introduction of the cloud. In this way, individuals and businesses large and small had the means to safely store vital information that might otherwise be lost or stolen. Edge computing takes the technology even further. The option is especially useful for processing time-sensitive information that often endures latent signals that may cause data losses or delay decision-making. Edge technology has also proven useful in remote locations where connectivity is an issue. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality involves enhancing a real-time environment by adding overlays that provide information through some type of eyewear or headset. Virtual reality takes the technology wearer into a three-dimensional but fabricated environment. Both technologies were originally equated with gaming platforms. However, in recent years, AR and VR have become increasingly useful as educational tools in a wide variety of civilian and military settings. Computerized banking, investment, and medical devices might also feature altered reality programs. 


Blockchain technology involves recording blocks of tangible or intangible assets on immutable ledgers in a chain formation. In this way, anything of value belonging to individuals or businesses is easily tracked or traded on the blockchain network. The technology enables immediate access to the entirety of stored information in the account to network members. Once entered into the ledger, information cannot be changed. In the event of an error, a correction is added with both actions being visible on the chain. The technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies. However, healthcare, retail, and supplies, along with the oil and gas industries, are some of the many industries currently making use of blockchain networks.